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iCrossing’s new Page Analyser tool has the functionality of Keyword Density Analyser and Search crawler’s eyes view to provide the user with an in-depth analysis of the elements of your web page a search engine will see and use.

Part of how search engines measure the relevancy of a page is by looking for the keywords that appear. If your content fails to include any keywords that are used by your users in search engines your ranking will be adversely affected.

Although some search engines are becoming more sophisticated in the file formats they can process, it is generally a good idea to think of a spider as a very basic text-only browser which cannot understand JavaScript and ignores images, audio and Flash based files.

Page Analyzer

After you input your URL in the given field the tool should display a detailed analysis report, showing the content and links that a search engine spider processes in order to crawl your web site along with the most frequent single, double, triple and quadruple word phrases.

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