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If you run Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaigns in platforms like Google Adwords, you must know that Keyword grouping during the initial stage of your keyword analysis is extremely important as it ensures a better quality score by grouping the most relevant keywords and keyword niches under one ad group and delivering related ads based on that particular ad group.

Grouping related keyword niches, clusters & search phrases of a particular theme using a typical keyword tool is extremely difficult. Because even though several thesurus, synonyms database exists on the web, finding semantically related search phrases that can bring traffic & sale on your site isn’t easy to find.

One of the newer tools from the house of Wordstream – Free Keyword Grouper lets you do just that more quickly & effectively.

If you go through your server logs, web analytics report you will find thousands of keywords & search queries that has resulted in ad impression in your PPC campaign. However in order to better understand the huge list of keywords, its ideal to devide them in smaller chunks and group them tightly so that they all can be separated out in multiple Ad groups with more targeted ad copy and call to action.

The process of manually organizing huge keyword lists to find valuable groupings can take hours, even days, using typical keyword tools or spreadsheets. This Free Keyword Grouper can really automates the whole process for you with a simple copy and paste.

For instance, you can paste in up to 10,000 keywords and it will automatically find the most profitable keyword groups for you to target in just seconds. Take a look at the example below:


Not convinced? Take a look at the video tutorial below-

If you are in the PPC playground, this Free Keyword Grouper is a must use tool for you. Check it out now:

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