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Aaron wall, the author of SEObook has recently released a new Firefox extension called “Rank Checker” which allows you to check your ranking for keywords in the top search engines like (Google, Yahoo & MSN).

Before using this tool, I was very much dependent on Digital Point’s Keyword Ranking Monitor. But after trying out Aaron’s new firefox extension, I don’t think I’m going back to any other rank checker for a while.

This free extension has everything that a webmaster might need in regards to his website’s ranking. For instance, you can check ranking for multiple keywords on multiple search engines at one go, you can also save your keyword list and ranking or upload a list of keywords from a text file — and you get to do all these right from your web browser.

Rank Checker in Action

Installation Instruction

- If you don’t have firefox, get it!
- Install Firefox Rank Checker extension

- Restart Firefox

If you would like to know more about this Rank Checker, you can check this page which lists everything that you need to know.

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