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Backlink Builder is a cool Search engine optimization tool developed by

Building good relevant backlinks is one of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimization.
It is not enough just to have a lot of links pointing to your website, it is the Quality of backlinks along with the Quantity that will really help you to boost your ranking in the Search Engines.

A backlink could be considered as a Quality Backlink if –

1. The Theme of the site that is linking to you is the same as your website.
2. The Anchor Texts of the links are keyword /key phrases that you are trying to rank well for.
(* Certainly there are many other complex areas which can be assessed to check the quality of a link *)

This backlink builder tool basically searches for websites of the theme you specify that contain keyphrases like “Add link”, “Add site”, “Add URL”, “Add URL”, “Submit URL”, “Add Article” etc.

Backlink Builder

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