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Juicy Link Finder:
Monday, April 28th, 2008

The Juicy Link Finder tool is designed to find out links that have authority – old domains with a high PageRank that rank well for the keyword you enter. It displays a nice list of the top 50, 100, 150, or 200 pages ranked at Google for your choosen keyword and allows you to [...]

GeoTargeting Detection Tool:
Sunday, April 27th, 2008

GeoTargeting Detection Tool is a SEO tool will help you determine how well your site is targeted to country specific search engines. It examines several factors that the search engines use to determine location, including where the website is physically hosted, the TLD (e.g. .com/.net/.org), and the presence of a street address on the page.

Team Target:
Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Term Targeting is a Search engine optimization tool helps by SEOMoz which determines how well a page is targeting a particular keyword. At first it analyzes the frequency and location of the keyword throughout the page and then the tool assigns a letter and percentage grade that reflects the strength of the keyword usage.
The [...]

Backlink Builder:
Friday, April 25th, 2008

Backlink Builder is a cool Search engine optimization tool developed by
Building good relevant backlinks is one of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimization.
It is not enough just to have a lot of links pointing to your website, it is the Quality of backlinks along with the Quantity that will really help [...]

Similar Page Checker:
Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Similar Page Checker is a nice tool by which checks your page against another page you specify for duplicate content.
It is known to the most SEOs that Search Engines usually penalizes websites that contain too much of Duplicate / Similar content. So that is why its so important for webmasters to write [...]

Meta Tag Analyzer:
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Widexl has designed another search engine optimization tool to help webmasters analyze their web pages. Meta Tag analyzer can not only analyze the Meta Tags but it also shows a lot of other useful information. Check out the screenshot below.

Site Index Checker:
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Site Index Checker is a Search Engine Optimization tool developed by WideXL. Site Index Checker which is also known as Search Engine Saturation tool basically shows the total number of pages from your website domain a search engine has currently indexed.

Keyword Rank Check:
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Keyword position tool is a brand new tool by widexl which helps webmasters to to check their site ranking for any keyword in the mayor search engines and get an advanced report including related keywords and spell check. Use this tool wisely, do not use this tool for automated queries of any sort, suspicious activity [...]

Link Popularity Checker:
Monday, April 21st, 2008

Widexl has recently designed a search engine optimization tool for to check link popularity of websites. The Link Popularity Checker will search Google, AltaVista, MSN, HotBot, Lycos to determine how many pages are linking to your web page. Many search engines today are ranking web sites by the number of sites linking to them. Link [...]

URL Trends:
Sunday, April 20th, 2008

UrlTrends allows you to see at a glance any of the information that you want to see about all of the selected urls. Whether you only want to see the PageRank of the Urls, or everything they monitor, you can now do so very easily.
However in order to get the most out of URL trends, [...]

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