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SEO Tracking Software:

Sheer SEOSheer SEO provides a SEO Software solution that is feature rich. It not only tracks your Web Rankings but you can keep track of your Backlinks, Pagerank, and a number of other important matrix — here is the full overview of their SEO Software

They have over 40,000 users and for a single domain the price is between $7 and $40/mon and they also have prices for multi domains which you can check out on the Pricing Page.

You can take their SEO Softare Demo for a test drive and you will find the graphs come up pretty quick for being an online package. On their demo page they track their only rankings and the rankings are not all the bad which is vote of confidence in them as it seems the Search Engines like their site also.

On the demo I could get the history of any of their key phrase up and displayed in a graph in 3 seconds and you can quickly export the graphs to a PDF for print out or non-live overhead with a quick one click.

While I don’t think on-page density matter much, different SEO experts have different views on that, I have to say I really like the Keyword Density screen. It shows a graph of all the single, double, and triple keyword phrases at the click of the button and has a drop down URL field where you can go from page to page.

From the limited time I spend on their site this does seem like must-check-out solution. They have a 2 month trial you can sign up for so head over and take it for a test run.

I am thinking if I can find time I probable will add this one up to my SEO Tools database.

Happy ranking!

Free Keyword Grouper Review:

wordstream free keyword tool

If you run Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaigns in platforms like Google Adwords, you must know that Keyword grouping during the initial stage of your keyword analysis is extremely important as it ensures a better quality score by grouping the most relevant keywords and keyword niches under one ad group and delivering related ads based on that particular ad group.

Grouping related keyword niches, clusters & search phrases of a particular theme using a typical keyword tool is extremely difficult. Because even though several thesurus, synonyms database exists on the web, finding semantically related search phrases that can bring traffic & sale on your site isn’t easy to find.

One of the newer tools from the house of Wordstream – Free Keyword Grouper lets you do just that more quickly & effectively.

If you go through your server logs, web analytics report you will find thousands of keywords & search queries that has resulted in ad impression in your PPC campaign. However in order to better understand the huge list of keywords, its ideal to devide them in smaller chunks and group them tightly so that they all can be separated out in multiple Ad groups with more targeted ad copy and call to action.

The process of manually organizing huge keyword lists to find valuable groupings can take hours, even days, using typical keyword tools or spreadsheets. This Free Keyword Grouper can really automates the whole process for you with a simple copy and paste.

For instance, you can paste in up to 10,000 keywords and it will automatically find the most profitable keyword groups for you to target in just seconds. Take a look at the example below:


Not convinced? Take a look at the video tutorial below-

If you are in the PPC playground, this Free Keyword Grouper is a must use tool for you. Check it out now:

Free Keyword Niche Finder Review:

wordstream free keyword tool Wordstream has yet another great free tool called the Keyword Niche Finder that allows you to find those long-tail profitable niche keywords/search phrases that every affiliate marketer is very secretive about. The Free Keyword Niche Finder can automatically group closely related keywords that can be used to drive both paid and organic traffic to your website.

The process of manually researching and organizing keywords using the traditional keyword research tools can take hours if not days. And in most cases finding those high quality niches are often impossible because most of the tools in the market only focuses on keyword popularity.

WordStream’s Free Keyword Niche Finder can completely automate the whole process of keyword research for you by finding the most profitable keyword groups that you should target in your Search marketing campaign. By ensuring you the profitable & less competitive keyword niches, its much easier for you to prioritize your search marketing workflow, identify promising topics for Web content and blog posts and help ensure that your website is optimized for the most profitable keywords.

This free tool has the ability to scan a keyword database of over a trillion search queries to find the most relevant and potentially profitable keyword niches. Their proprietary keyword grouping algorithm determines semantic relevance and automatically groups keywords into closely related clusters.

How to use Wordstrem Keyword Niche Finder

Like any other Wordstream product, this tool is very simple to use. Just head over to Keyword Niche Finder Tool’s website: and enter a topic that you are interested in. Within seconds you will be presented with tons of niches on your specified topic/category. You should see an extra column called ‘relative frequency’, which shows an estimate of how often a particular keyword is searched for. A higher relative frequency means that the keyword is searched on more frequently.

Free Keyword Niche Finder

Still not convinced? Check out this tutorial video –

Free Keyword Tool Review:

wordstream free keyword tool Keyword research is a very important step when building a website or creating new content on the web. We often don’t speak the same language as our customers and that really makes it hard for us to produce a copy that appeals to them or in other word has any positive effect on their decision-making process.

Keywords helps you to identify what your customers are looking for and how they are going to find you, your business or the product that you are selling.

Obviously, performing a keyword research analysis isn’t easy if you don’t have the right tools with you. There are hundreds of keyword generators out there that all seem to do the same job – helping you to find the right keywords! However, most of them only look at popular keywords and not the long-tail keywords that are most relevant to your business.

Wordstream has an awesome free keyword tool that is fast, more accurate and returns thousands more keywords than other popularity based keyword generators, and the best part is its 100% FREE! Isn’t that amazing? Once you use this tool you will realize that there is really no reason to pay for a subscription-based keyword tool or use any other free keyword generator. It totally elements the guessing work when it comes to selecting the right keywords & phrases that can help you to get traffic & sales.

How to use Wordstream Free Keyword Tool

The free wordstream keyword tool has a very easy and intuitive design that makes it very simple to search for keywords, find related phrases and also their respective search volumes.

free keyword tool

In the example above, I have searched for the keyword “car insurance” and immediately the tool showed me the top 100 keywords out of an estimated 45,759 keywords. On top of that they also suggested a bunch of related keywords that can further refine the keyword list that I have.

As an added bonus, they also let you get the whole keyword list via email, so that you can put it on a spreadsheet or important it in your existing tool to further play with it.

So just try it today and let me know what you think of it!

Web CEO:

Web CEO Screenshoot

Web CEO is an awesome Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package consistenting of twelve very powerful SEO tools. Designed by Web CEO LTD a European software and telecommunications company.

Web CEO, the SEO software which is now currently running on their version 7.0 has been designed to optimize your website for the search engines so that when someone enters a key phrase related to your website into their search engine, your website URL appears near the top of SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The higher your website appears on the list, the higher the probability that the traffic coming from the search engine (which is also known as ‘organic’ SE traffic) gets directed to your website.

Web CEO’s tools are grouped into four categories:

- Site Optimization – Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization

- Site Promotion – Search Engine Submission, Link Popularity Analyzer, Link Partner Finder, and PPC Campaigns Manager

- Site Analysis – Ranking Checker and Web Analytics

- Site Maintenance – Website Quality Audit, Web Page Editor, FTP Uploader, and Website Monitoring

Web CEO is very easy to use. The interface is very user-friendly and you can launch all of the SEO tools from one location. It also has a central location for tracking, managing, and analyzing critical information needed for effective and efficient SEO. Its built-in keyword research facilities can help you find the exact key words and phrases that you would like to target.

The professional version of Web CEO costs $389. But before making any purchase you can try their basic FREE edition.

Domain Rank Checking Tool:

Domain Rank Checker

If you are eager to check how you rank against your competitors for specific phrases or keywords then you must use the Multiple Domain Rank Checking Tool by BeanStalk.

The tool is absolutely free and it also has the functionality to check multiple phrases for multiple domains. The future updates will have scheduled checks and emailing functionality.

Link Suggestion Tool:

Would you like to find relevant links based on the flavour or your site? Are you looking for places to submit your articles? Looking for blogs on your favorite topic? Looking for related sites that you can exchange links with? Looking for free directories to submit your site to?

Look no further. The BeanStalk Link Suggestion Tool can take care of all these for you. Even though not whole process is automated but using this tool will help you speed up the process by a great margin.

Link Suggestion Tool

Use this tool to digg out related links for your website based on what type of links you’re looking for. It can really help you to speed up the process of link building considerably.

Keyword Performance: has a nice keyword performance & Density Checker tool which allows you to crawl a particular page and analyze the density of its keywords not only in the content of the page but also in the tags.

Keyword Performance & Density Checker

Compared to any other keyword tool, these tool gives you the freedom to play with a lot more variables that affect keyword density and prominence calculation.

Some of the extra features are:

- Ignore StopWords from default list or a list of your own
- Ignore keywords in Title, Meta Tags, Comments tag, Noframes tag etc.
- Case Sensitivity
- Allow ALT and Title attributes with single quotes ‘ ( as in alt=’something’ )
- Strip Underscores ( _ substituted by spaces )

Domain Popularity:

Domain Popularity

Domain popularity analyzer by Linkvendor is a domain popularity checker which shows you all backlinks for a domain, including up to 10 subpages per backlinking domain, the host IP along with its Google PageRank. Its an excellent tool if you would like to check the popularity of a particular domain.

Page Analyzer:

iCrossing’s new Page Analyser tool has the functionality of Keyword Density Analyser and Search crawler’s eyes view to provide the user with an in-depth analysis of the elements of your web page a search engine will see and use.

Part of how search engines measure the relevancy of a page is by looking for the keywords that appear. If your content fails to include any keywords that are used by your users in search engines your ranking will be adversely affected.

Although some search engines are becoming more sophisticated in the file formats they can process, it is generally a good idea to think of a spider as a very basic text-only browser which cannot understand JavaScript and ignores images, audio and Flash based files.

Page Analyzer

After you input your URL in the given field the tool should display a detailed analysis report, showing the content and links that a search engine spider processes in order to crawl your web site along with the most frequent single, double, triple and quadruple word phrases.

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